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In order to realize your creations you need to find solutions and make many choices that will affect the final look of all your pieces. For example: type of fabric, coloring and finishing, embroidery and applications. These choices also have an economic effect. We offer you our expertise and familiarity with the world of fashion production to help you find the best suppliers that will fit your budget and will make your items become a reality. Realize your ideas with the help of our expertise.

We offer a full production research and development service to make your designs a reality

Scale production

Facing up large-scale production thanks to experiences and resources gained in many years within the fashion industry.

Small volumes

Giving you the possibility of producing small volumes of clothing through an agile approach to each manufacturing phase.

Haute couture

Craftsmanship at its best. Providing the most exclusive services for precious collections. Hand-made processing and attention to details to achieve the highest quality standards.

  • Sizing development: the development of the original pattern to different sizes according to the country and the norma of the country of sale and the demands of the brand

  • Application and embroidery: selection of necessary applications, buttons, zippers and embroidery

  • Coloring and finishing: define the coloring process and different fabric or garment finishing if needed (for example bleaching or raising)

  • Identifing production partners: finding the best suppliers and service providers for each element of the production in terms of expertise and cost

  • Scale production: production of the quantity of pieces set by the brand

  • Cutting: carefully cutting the fabrics following the paper pattern

  • Sewing: combining several elements of garments to obtain the complete article
  • Print: creating the chosen fantasy on an item or on a fabric using different techniques
  • Knitwear: manipulating a yarn to produce an item through special machinery
  • Ironing: using appropriate machines to remove wrinkles from fabric and guarantee optimal fit

We offer the services to put your brand on the road to success.

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