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All your effort is wasted if you are not able to bridge the gap between your brand and the final customer. In order to make it possible, special attention should be given to both wholesale and retail distribution. We can connect you to a vast network of showrooms and multibrand stores, as well as to develop and manage an integrated digital strategy including e-commerce and social media communication tailor-made for your brand.

The right choices, in terms of market approach, could be the crucial factor to open the door to your success as designer of a fashion brand.

In order to ensure products and key messages will reach your target public we have developed the competences to implement both a traditional or full digital strategy


Obtaining the access to a select variety of physical showrooms and multibrand stores in order to boost visibility and sales of your brand.


Supporting you in all the activities for expanding your business on the web, from building your own e-commerce to choosing the appropriate influencers for promotion.

Temporary team

Making available for you the direct management of a specialized team with solid know-how on different fashion disciplines.

  • Contacting agents and buyers: getting access to Cipriani network and contacts
  • Introduction to selected showrooms and multibrand stores: offering a personal introduction and brand presentation within realities related to the brand position and identity
  • E-commerce design and development: creating the aesthetic concept, the general layout and every technical aspect of the brand website
  • Digital communication: managing a wide variety of digital campaign, from social advertising to influencer marketing

  • Modern commercial strategies: develop your commercial strategy in a modern way using influencer Marketing, Community Marketing and Crowdfunding

  • Temporary team: to implement your project you need different competences. Hire our professionals in a dynamic and flexible way

We offer the services to put your brand on the road to success.

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We have connection in more than 16 countries (Europe, USA, Asia Pacific, Russia, Japan).

Yes, of course, we developed brands within more than 30 countries worldwide.

Yes, we can improve your e-commerce.

Sure, you can personalize your temporary team in terms of competences and working hours.

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