Creative Process

Turn your vision into a project.

The design and style of your clothing line is a key element on your brand and will dictate what type of clients you will attract and whether you will be able to keep up with the market and its needs. Whether you have a prior background or not, we offer to support you on this important phase. From the creation of mood boards to consolidate a strong identity, scouting of fabrics and materials, trend research to see what next seasons’ modes will be and up to the creation of designs.

Creativity comes first. We offer a full design development
according to your needs and strategy.

Start from Design

Start from your sketches to develop an entire collection, supporting you in building a coherent personality, moodboarding, choosing materials and technical design.

Start from fabrics

Helping you to complete the whole collection simply starting from the fabrics you select. Every detail regarding the design process will be curated according to this starting point.

Start from inspirations

Build a collection based on your inspirations. Just an abstract idea is required in order to give assistance to you in all the practical aspects of the creative process.

  • Moodboard: creating an inspirational board that will express the style and the special characteristics of the collection

  • Trend research: research on future trends and social moods to make a collection relevant to the time
  • Artistic sketch: an artistic draft of the single design of the items

  • Materials: combine the design with fabrics and accessories selected from our 100 loyal suppliers
  • Professional design: a technical design with all the necessary dimensions and elements to prototype

  • AR design: technology combined with design. Thanks to Augmented reality tools, you can see your idea in a HD picture

We offer the services to put your brand on the road to success.

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There will be a number of revisions depending on the package you purchase.

There are no limits. We suggest you carefully choose the size of your collection accordingly to your brand and your audience.

Yes, of course, there will be some halfway briefs in addition to the initial one, and we would be glad to meet you in Florence.
It depends on the chosen plan. It’s very rare that our clients use more revisions than planned.

We work in Italy as well as in the rest of the world. We will be happy to respond to any specific needs.

For the time being they are available only in english and italian. If you need other languages let’s contact us and we will do our best to manage it.

Brand Glossary

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