Business plan

A good idea is not enough to build a successful business

Starting up a fashion business requires many skills and knowledge that go beyond the production of clothes. At the base, a fashion brand is a business and like other business it has to have a long term strategy, supported by a strong business’ model designed to differentiate your brand on the market and creare value for your customers. We offer the services to put your brand on the road to success.

The 3 main steps to develop a performing fashion business plan

Brand strategy

Define the mission and vision of your new brand.
Then set up all the mechanisms through which it will transfer the unique value proposition to its target in a viable way.

Fashion business models

Planning by numbers. The birth and development of your company guarantees the economic sustainability of the model.

Design Brand Experience

Create an original brand identity to be transferred to your audience. Then establish in details how to spread it consistently through all the selected distribution and communication touchpoint.

  • Vision and mission: defining what the brand wants to become in the future and the actions to be done in the present to make it possible

  • Brand Value: establishing the key elements the company believes in by creating a detailed and concise brand image strategy

  • Business model: setting up a sustainable way for the brand create and transfer its value

  • Financial plan: tracing the numerical evolution of the company with a focus on financial viability

  • Market analysis: formulating a detailed report of who the players are and what they’re doing in the specific niche that the brand want to enter

  • Value Proposition and Brand Positioning: Ideation of mood and general style of the brand along with the nature of the brand – price positioning, how many collections a year, product categories

  • Communication: Design the communication channels and the tone of voice

  • Branding: Design a brand experience for your clients

We offer the services to put your brand on the road to success.

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The design will reflect your brand idea. It could happen that the initial proposal evolves into a broader concept.

Yes, of course, we developed brands within more than 30 countries worldwide.

Yes, if you need a specific function or element feel free to contact us to get an estimate.

No, we can not fund your project but we can give you the opportunity of developing your brand with small budget. Some helpful tools include crowdfunding campaigns or the creation of a community which can pre-order your products. All the info at the Go to Market page.

Of course, yes, you can buy the extra hours you need.

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