“The best ideas come from passions, emotions and innovative thoughts.
You can be a Designer, an Emerging Brand, an Established Brand or simply have a particular passion/emotion that you want to communicate through garments.
We are interested in the quality of your projects and not who you are.”

Today companies are focused on big brands losing the opportunity to give voice to all those creatives who would not have offices being held by from expressing their creative talent. Creating a Brand means integrating many different skills. Today the market offers companies specialized in individual phases with many interlocutors and intermediaries that are not able to offer strategic support and an overall vision.

In over 70 years of history, we have had the opportunity to develop unknown talents, taking them from a garage to international fashion shows. Others, instead, were suffering in style offices, held back in being able to create expressing their talent. For all these reasons, we have decided to create a complete service that gives voice to all kinds of talents who want to be heard.

Our history

Our experience